Vitrolles en Luberon

Vitrolles en Luberon
Vitrolles en Luberon

Vitrolles is a small village
of 175 inhabitants located between
345m and 940m above sea level.
It's situated in the heart of the Luberon,
in a natural and wild place.

Vitrolles en Luberon

The history of Vitrolles en Luberon.

.The name of Vitrolles comes from the Latin vitrolea which means glass factory (glass-making).
In 1793, the village names Vitrolles-d'Aigues then becomes Vitrolles in 1801 and finally Vitrolles-en-Luberon, from August 11th, 1996.

The presence of numerous rests of tegulae (Roman tiles) were discovered at the foot of the hill of Castellas reminding that a gallo roman villa had to be there.
A beautiful head of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, was discovered on the mount Piégros;now,it's visible to the museum Borely of Marseille. 
The village was completely abandoned by its inhabitants from the mid-fourteenth century and the late fifteenth, following numerous outbreaks and the passage of the troops of Raymond de Turenne.

It is them who will build the current village and the church Saint-Siméon(today transformed into farm)around the medieval church at the foot of Castellas which carries the ruins of the previous village.

Vitrolles en Luberon
Vitrolles en Luberon

To see:

The Romanesque church of St Etienne.
The Château du Grand Pré du XVII (The bastide of Ferrayes)
The Farm of St. Simeon.
The Oil Mill.
Hiking enthusiasts will delight:
Here cross the GR 5, GR 9 and GR 97.

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