St Martin de la Brasque

St Martin de la Brasque

Saint Martin de la Brasque is located on the heart of the Valley of Aigues ,the foothills of the Luberon,it is full of 731 people.

Saint Martin de la Brasque and its history:

St Martin de la Brasque

In prehistoric times, the Ourgouze  was a vast swamp.
Provencal" Brasc "means mud, swamps.
In the eleventh century,the first medieval castrum is situated in the said place "The Castellas".

The church of St. Martin gives its name to the village and a first mention is made in 1168 under the name of St. Martini Brasca.
The swamp will be dry up out in the second half of the XIIth century.
The site will be deserted in the late fifteenth century and a new village was rebuilt to 700 m. west.

St Martin de la Brasque
St Martin de la Brasque

In 1506 an act of occupation is spent with families from around the Cental Vaudois in Piedmont. They practise their cult in the nature and of this fact the church given up collapses.
Continued in 1545 for their religion the people will not escape the massacres in the Pays d'Aigues. The village will be plundered,burned and razed.
We still have the remains of the square donjon and the tracks of the ditches which protected the fortifications.

A new village was rebuilt in the seventeenth century less than a mile in 1626, a new Church of St. Martin was born. Materials come from the first Roman church.
It should be noted that during the Revolution, in 1794, the town became known Mont-Libre.

St Martin de la Brasque

To see:

Remains of the castle of the XI.
The many fountains.
The nature trail that leads to the ruins of the old village.

Sunday morning until mid-October hosts a farmers' market and craft.

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