Puget sur Durance

Small rural village of 700 inhabitants in the face of the river "la Durance". Its main asset is the beautiful nature that surrounds it. This is the ideal starting point for wonderful walks or hikes among the oaks and cedar forest of Portalas.

Puget sur Durance

You will have access to beautiful views over the valley of the Durance, the mountain Sainte Victoire and the Alpilles. You will be able to stop the shelter of the Tapy Sheepfold.

Puget sur Durance

In the 13th "Pugetum" is a single locality which will be populated by an act passed in 1617 to house. The site will turn the names of Puget-d'Aigues, Puget de Lauris and Puget-sur-Durance.

Puget sur Durance
Puget sur Durance

To see:

The cremation urns Grand Deffend of Fifth and Sixth Century.
Water and the remains of a villa at The Verrerie, sarcophagi and tombs showing a Roman presence.
Some remains of the castle built in the 13th construction.
The Fountain.
Houses of seventeenth and eighteenth in the hamlet of Borrys.
The Parish Church of Our Lady which is an old Romanesque chapel restored 13th.
The classic Temple XIX at the bottom of the village.

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