Mérindol has a population of 1,826 inhabitants.
To enjoy a magnificent panorama must be fitted to the old village site. It was abandoned after its destruction during the repression Vaudoise.  From this period, it only remains two sections of wall. On this site,there is a memorial Vaudois.


The village has beautiful houses and you will discover on several fronts timing of the seventeenth and eighteenth.
Thanks to the water of the Durance, Plain Mérindol product: melons, grapes and vegetables in abundance.

A bit of history.

The discovery tool and reveals vestiges of human presence from the age of bronze.
In the hamlet of "Borys" a Roman vicus was discovered.
The ruins were home mosaics, tombs and burning an altar dedicated to Nymphs Eternal.
An important spa of 35 meters long containing seven individual bathtubs, rooms for physical culture. All receiving a heating system hot air supplied by a fireplace.

In the Middle Ages Mérindol has a ferry to cross the Durance.
On April 18, 1545 during the repression of the Vaudois; Mérindol is completely destroyed, to escape the massacre Villagers took refuge with the mountain. The village founded in 1225 was gradually abandoned in favor place called "The Bastide", below, where the agglomeration is present.

To see:

The Belfry
Old steeple of the First Temple destroyed about 1682 during the religious persecution.
The oil mill:
Built in the mid sixteenth century. It has a vault in one piece revealing the expertise of manufacturers of the time. He is still active.
The Temple.
The St. Anne Church of the eighteenth century with its onion dome "Sarrazin" unique in the region.
The Laundrette.
The ruins of the old castrum.
The Memorial Vaudois.

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