La Tour d'Aigues

La Tour d'Aigues

La Tour d'Aigues is a large and pleasant village of the regional natural reserve of Luberon. It is perched above the river of Eze surrounded with cultivated plains and with hillsides of vineyard, producing a renowned wine.
By walking you, among the old streets, you will cross numerous fountains and will can admire ancient beautiful doors.
The town is situated at a height going of 220 m to 510 m.

A short history of La Tour d'Aigues in Provence.

The discovery on the district of a place of worship dedicated in Mars Belado give evidence of the Roman presence.
A medieval fortification of the eleventh century gives its name to the site: "Turris" quoted in 1002 and 1018. Then in 1253 appears el castell  "Turre de Aquis" and "in Castro de Turri".

In 1390,The village attacked by Raymond de Turenne VIII was partially destroyed.
  The various epidemics and especially the plague of 1630/1631 emptied the village of his population. Life went on top anyway because there were 2296 inhabitants in 1793.

Visit La Tour d'Aigues.

La Tour d'Aigues

The Castle.

It was completely renewed in the sixteenth and seventeenth century.Afterward, an accidental fire in 1780 and the revolution in 1792 ravaged it.
Then,it served as stony career for the constructions surrounding.

La Tour d'Aigues

In 1579, Catherine de Medicis was received there.
  Today,it shelters a museum of the history of the country of Aigues and a museum of ceramics.
Open from 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:00.
Closed on Sunday morning and Monday morning.

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The Church of Notre Dame de Romegas thirteenth to the eighteenth century.
House of Estienne du Bourguet, built from 1658 to 1671, with murals of the seventeenth century.
Noble house of the sixteenth century.

St Christophe chapel.

La Tour d'Aigues

The weekly market on Tuesday morning.
Farmers' market on Thursday mornings from May to October and Friday evenings in summer.

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