La Motte d'Aigues

La Motte d'Aigues

On the southern foothills of the Luberon, 380m above sea level, the village of La Motte d'Aigues has a population of 1328 inhabitants.

The history of La Motte d'Aigues:

La Motte d'Aigues

The village appears to the eleventh century and is then called Mota Aiguerii.
The Celtic word Mota, or Motta in low Latin, means the natural or artificial elevation on which the stately home is standing.Then, the village will take the name of Oppido Muta in 1096,  Mota in 1168 and La Motta (sixteenth century).
A Gallo-Roman necropolis, of the first century, was discovered. It contained six bodies, broken glass, a ceramic vase, fragments of tiles and a carved block.

The village was deserted during the second half of the fifteenth century and it was in 1505, that Louise d'Agoult signed a deed for the residential site.It is Piedmonteses,followers of the valdéisme,that settled down and were the first Vaudois of Provence.
Unfortunately, in 1545, the Edict of Mérindol condemned the village Vaudois. An attack was ordered and the Motte was plundered, men slaughtered or sent to the galleys, the women raped before being killed.

To see in La Motte d'Aigues:

The church of St. Jean La Motte d'Aigues

-The church of St. Jean built in the seventeenth century was enlarged and restored in the nineteenth century.

-The temple.
In 1817 after the return of some exiled

Vaudois families following the massacre,

the temple was rebuilt. At the end of

the nineteenth century the building

was practically in ruins. Rebuilt in

1904, it was inaugurated July 30, 1905.

La Motte d'Aigues

Every Thursday evening was held  a night craft market where you can picnic under the cherry trees, listening to music.
The Local fair takes place the second Sunday of July.

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