La Bastidonne

La Bastidonne

This typical Provencal village is part of the Regional Natural Park of  the Luberon. The highest point reaches 479m and there are 729 inhabitants living here.

La Bastidonne

A nice view over the Luberon and La Tour d' Aigues is waiting for you when you're climbing the Castle Street; but if you want to find a magnificent view of the Durance and the mountain of Sainte-Victoire you have to do a nice walk leading to the plateau of St Julien.
This watching point is located 450m above sea level. Here you can find as well  the remains of a chapel
of the seventeenth century. It is on this plateau where has been the first Neolithic settlement of La Bastidonne and excavations revealed many currencies of the "phocéennes" which resemble to an "emporion" (trading post) of the Celto-Greek period. In the Gallo-Roman period it turned into a small town called "vicus".

On the territory of the commune was also founded a Roman glass coffin containing the body of a girl which you can see in the Museum Borely in Marseille .

La Bastidonne

It was around 1231 that the current location of the village Savaric the knight built a hunting lodge.
In 1231 the building was enlarged and named La Bastide de Savaric. A section of wall is still visible to the top of the village.
The village then took the names of the Bastidette Savaric then The Bastidonne of Savaric to be fixed in 1790 at La Bastidonne.

To see in La Bastidonne:

-The silk factory,  place of rearing silkworms. The operation lasted until 1914.
-The Roman church (XIII).
-The priory of Grand-Réal.

-The chapel of St-Julien (XVII) who, having long been abandoned collapsed in 1812. The saint's statue was recovered in the ruins, it is now in the Priory of Notre-Dame de Bonaventure in "Grand Rèal".

View from chapelle de St Julien:

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