Cabrières d'Aigues

At 430m above sea level, nestled in the heart of the beautiful landscapes of the Luberon Regional Nature Park at the foot of the mountain, Cabrières d'Aigues is an agricultural village Provençal. The number of its inhabitants is about 674.
Its name comes from Latin capra (goat).

Cabrières d'Aigues
Cabrières d'Aigues

Pretty footpaths await you all around the village. And in summer you can cool off in the waters of the Etang (pond) de la Bonde.
Its construction was decided in the fifteenth century by the lord of Fouquet d'Agoult to feed the castle of La Tour d'Aigues.
There was an aqueduct Assistant, forming an irrigation network that benefits the whole valley and thus contributing to the development of agriculture.

L'étang de la Bonde à Cabrières d'Aigues
Le Temple à Cabrières d'Aigues

At this time,many Vaud farmers from the Alps were invited,by the lord of Fouquet d'Algout to come and cultivate the land deserted.
During the persecution of 1545, Cabrières was the only fortified town Vaud. The Vaud population found refuge inside fortifications. A seat is initiated on April 19 by the troops of Paulin de la Garde and after a few days, after negotiations and a promise of life saved,Vaudois surrenders.

The men were shot. Fighters women's were locked in a barn to be burned alive, the other women were raped and murdered, children and old people exterminated.
There was 400 to 500 deaths. The su
rvivors became slaves or sent to the galleys. The village was rased.

Cabrières d'Aigues

A visit to Cabrières d'Aigues.

-The Chapel of the thousand flowers (XV).
-The remains of the Church of St. Jean which was probably a relay-Templar wilderness around which lay a cemetery burial.
Low-relief Cabrières Aigues: Found in the early nineteenth century by a farmer, The original is now in Calvet Museum in Avignon.
-North of the village down the hill to "Clos" containing shark teeth and quantity of shellfish.
To respect this place there is forbidden to dig the cliff.

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